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At the Heart Sanctuary you can expect an intuitive approach to help you quiet your mind, discover the needs your emotions are pointing to, learn to relax and release heavy energy and acquire tools to help you reconnect with your Heart.

During your free virtual 30-minute Heart Session, I will ask you some questions, make observations and offer reflections aimed at helping you make sense of your current challenges.

A unique combination of healing practices and concepts, that I have personally found beneficial, will then be recommended. These are designed to identify and dissolve the barriers that keep you feeling disconnected and affect your capacity to listen to your Heart. The main cause of this disconnection can often be traced back to a need for more Compassionate Awareness.


The beautiful paradox is that when we put in the effort to cultivate and demonstrate compassion for ourselves and for others, we are also creating better conditions for the natural radiance of compassion - our True Nature - to reveal itself. That's when the effort disappears and all that remains is exactly that Compassionate Awareness that we seek!


I am an internationally trained professional with 10 years' experience in teaching yoga in various countries, 11 years' experience in corporate London and Cape Town, specializing in Training & Development and 6 years' service in non-profit organizations.

After suffering three self-imposed burnouts, I feel most passionate about sharing what finally worked to break the self-sabotaging pattern of thinking and behaviour, and better regulate my nervous system. It boiled down to self-compassion.

I am well-versed in living and proficient in sharing:

  • Self-enquiry meditation & breathwork, Heart-opening yoga, Non-dual and yogic philosophy (600-hour Hridaya Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training, Mexico, 2015)

  • Techniques for Compassionate Communication (NY Center for Nonviolent Communication, 2019)

  • Personal Coaching / Heart sessions (The Coaching Academy, London, 2009)

  • Psychology grounding, practices and frameworks (Bachelor of Business Science, Honours degree in Organisational Psychology, University of Cape Town, 1998)

  • Shaluha-Ka: a 90-minute hands-on treatment that includes intuitive massage, energy-channeling, crystal-healing and aura-cleansing (Las Piramides del Ka, Guatemala, 2013).

  • Kundalini yoga kriyas, mantras & meditation (Kundalini Yoga Level 1, Online Egypt, 2021)

Before scheduling your free virtual 30-min Heart Session, please take a look at the testimonials.

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