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I teach an intentional style of yoga that emphasises awareness, helps to focus the attention and encourages a gentle turning inwards. This creates better conditions to fully embrace this human experience by witnessing sensations, emotions, vibrations and mental commentary.

You are guided to cultivate (and reveal) that healing and compassionate dimension within your being where feelings can be felt, messages can received, emotions can be released and where you can hold space for yourself, just like you would a dear friend.

The Benefits of Yoga can include:

  • Flexibility: Enhances overall range of motion.

  • Strength: Builds muscles using body weight resistance.

  • Balance: Improves stability and coordination through poses.

  • Posture: Promotes better body alignment.

  • Joint Health: Boosts flexibility and reduces stiffness.

  • Stress Management: Significantly lowers stress through mindfulness, providing tools for handling stress.

  • Concentration: Enhances focus and cognitive function.

  • Clarity: Clears the mind for improved mental clarity.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Strengthens the link between mind and body.

  • Resilience: Builds emotional resilience.

  • Mood Enhancement: Uplifts mood and promotes positivity.

  • Self-Awareness: Fosters emotional regulation.

  • Mindfulness: Cultivates presence and gratitude.


Who is it best suited to?

Because you are consistently reminded to listen to your "real teacher" (your body), my classes are suitable for beginners and novices alike. Plus, each session is adapted to the needs and abilities of the students present.


Every BODY is welcome!


Modifications are suggested so that each person can decide how much they want to challenge themselves in each pose.

The golden rule is to always listen to your body and to trust its intelligence!




What style of yoga is it?

These classes are primarily taught in Hatha Yoga style emphasising mindfulness and blending in Kundalini yoga techniques.


I am an internationally trained and certified teacher of Meditation & Hatha Yoga (600 hours, Hridaya Yoga, Mexico) and Kundalini Yoga (220 hours, Kundalini Research Insititute, online Egypt),

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