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Heart-Opening Meditation Workshop

Tame your mind, cultivate compassion and alchemise emotional energy

  • upon request
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

COME DISCOVER! Learn simple practices to tame your mind, cultivate compassion, alchemise emotional energy, and bring it all to rest in the sanctuary of the Heart—a realm beyond personal limitations, beyond suffering, beyond time. WHAT EXACTLY WILL WE DO? To help calm the mind and bring it to rest in the heart, we will practice different concentration, breathing, and meditation techniques, as well as a few simple movements that can be performed from the comfort of your chair. All of these are aimed at cultivating, and simultaneously revealing, the natural radiance of the Heart; our innate capacity for Compassionate Awareness that becomes easier to connect to once we quiet the mind. It also becomes easier to become aware of mental tendencies and beliefs that are normally subconscious, yet they dictate the way we think, speak and behave. WHO WILL BE LEADING THE WORKSHOP? As a participant in many silent meditation retreats, Deidré Baatjes has directly benefited from these practices for nearly a decade. In Mexico in 2015, she was certified as a Hridaya (Heart) Meditation & Yoga teacher and has since taught various meditation and yoga sessions, including two silent meditation retreats in Cape Town. WHAT EXPERIENCE OR PROPS DO I NEED? No experience is necessary. Aside from a quiet space, a notebook and pen, all you really need is a willingness to try something new and to connect to a deeper dimension of your being. WHAT IF I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Please feel free to send your questions to

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Cape Town, South Africa

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