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Research into the effectiveness of mindfulness practices in the workplace is already showing many benefits: more attentiveness, reduced stress and anxiety, less absenteeism, less reactivity, more compassion, less judgement of self and others, better self-regulation, clearer communication and more harmonious relationships. With a solid academic grounding in Business Science (UCT 1998) along with nearly two decades of international corporate service in Human Resources, Learning & Development and Management roles, you can expect a deep understanding and compassion that only comes with time and direct experience. After suffering three self-imposed burnouts and years of looking in the wrong places for solutions, I feel most passionate about sharing what finally worked to break that self-sabotaging pattern of behaviour. Extensive periods of silent meditation and yogic practices revealed many insights to which books on mindfulness point. If my history and approach resonates with you, lets have a conversation about how I can best add value to your business by supporting your employees' well-being. If you have any questions, or would like to request my CV, please drop me an email and I would gladly respond.

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