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I have had the great pleasure to spend time learning from Deidre in the yoga space and also talking extensively through philosophical ideas, story and life goals. She is gentle and yet speaks with authority and I have felt comfortable and in good hands as her student. Talking to Deidre is always thought provoking and challenging, but in a gentle and non-judgemental way. I have personally grown tremendously from our relationship and find that I feel energised and inspired after spending time with her. Witnessing her life is inspiring because she is down-to-earth and lives a life of service and integrity and in our encounters, she always points me inward, gently nudging me to face what I am avoiding.  Through the journey inward, I inevitably find that the answers I seek are within me. Something that stands out from all of our interactions, is the question, “who am I?” This simple, yet profound question has become the bedrock of my spiritual journey towards the core of myself and living an intentional life. Deidre is an extraordinary and humble human being and the fruits of her own internal work shines through in everything that she does. I feel honoured to call her a friend and mentor.

Janine Lange, South Africa



From their hearts to your ears

In a world of many "yoga" schools and teachers, Deidré is the real deal. She has spent many years focused on spiritual development and has a particular skill for teaching meditation and yoga in general. I have taken classes with her in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala. They truly helped me in subtle and profound ways. As someone who has now experienced many yoga teachers, I now know how lucky I was to have Deidré as my first exposure to the concept of yoga. Dee is by far my favorite yoga teacher. She works very well with both complete novices and experienced students. Dee is a natural and proficient teacher and communicator. I am grateful for her impact on my path. I would highly recommend her yoga class or any of her massage/energy treatments.

Armand Hammer, USA

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From my years in Corporate L&D

Testimonials: Testimonials

Dee's focus on quality, her positive approach to customer engagements and her enthusiasm for technology mark her out as an outstanding role model for training practitioners.

She has consistently demonstrated her ability to get the most out of her team and keep them motivated even in the most challenging situations. I would highly recommend Dee.

Any organisation that works with her will benefit greatly in terms of up-levelling the skills of their people and their partners, and delivering a better service to their customers.

James Stannard, Vice President Sales EMEA at Arrow Global Services

Dee was commissioned to develop a bespoke training course for ihotdesk that covered the CREATIVE values of our business with a focus on customer service.

She delivered it to all 50+ colleagues in London and Cape Town and later delivered the course as a refresher or during induction.

Very creative and engaging trainer. Very positive feedback from all attendees on the courses. Will definitely use again. 

David Horwood, founder and CEO of ihotdesk IT outsourcing services, London, UK

I really enjoyed working with Deidre as I always found her very approachable and her passion for L&D was always great motivator. Deidre's strength of taking a project from the beginning to delivery stage is none like I have seen before added with her expertise in L&D is a great asset. Look forward to working with her in the future.

Bilal Shah, Client Director L&D, KnowledgePool, London UK



From their hearts to your ears

 This retreat has brought the ability for me to think differently. Not take the way I have chosen these past few years to be conditioned. The ability through the techniques used has given me and will remind me that I have the power to do what I see is best, regardless of whether this might be a less popular road taken in contemporary life. The ‘baby positions’ brought a sense of and part of me ‘back home’, the affirmation of Oneness with the moment that is. I felt for the first time apart from my thoughts. This was empowering as well as scary. The moments I came into complete Stillness were the most inspiring for me. These moments were few and far between and lasted a few seconds, but the force and clarity I could hear and feel are what I will take. The main insight I take from this retreat is that the God I have been seeking lives inside of me. This has soothed my heart. I need not feel guilty for refusing to seek external forces/ideas that have been commonly understood as God. That I am the Divine or more accurately, through meditation and getting back to my life core my Beloved I can feel, hear and see the Divine within and therefore be able to act from such a point. I have thoroughly enjoyed this. This was my first time and I will be investing more resources in signing up for similar retreats.

Sithembile, South Africa

Testimonials: Testimonials
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