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Most Valuable Lessons in Silence (Sun Course 2013)

(learnt and started to integrate...)

1. Silence is the language God speaks. Everything else is a poor translation.

2. Revel in silence and stillness. They are more truly me than thoughts & busyness.

3. Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening.

4. All is well in all of creation. Always.

5. Nothing is good or bad, until you label it as such.

6. Love is all there is.

7. Love takes a myriad of different forms but ultimately there is ONE LOVE.

8. Live with an open heart.

9. The past & future are just thoughts. Now is all we ever really have.

10. Non-attachment to things, people, outcomes, ideas, thoughts, feelings.

11. Nothing lasts forever. Enjoy the moment. Learn the lesson. Forgive. Then let it go.

12. Just to live life is my natural high.

13. Be grateful for everything I have & do not have.

14. Share my abundance. Pass it forward.

15. The best lesson any teacher can give is to live their life as an example.

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